Kate Dyer is the one of the main protagonists in the Time Trilogy. She is a friend of Peter Schock, and becomes his girlfriend. She goes back in time to 1763 and 1792, both times encountering Peter (as an adult and child). Later on in the series, she can "blur" and eventually becomes an oracle. In the third book, Kate gets killed by the Tar Man.

In the series Edit

The Time Travelers: Edit

Kate is introduced when Peter goes to visit the Dyer's farm. He is still upset over Mr. Schock not being able to spend time for his birthday. Kate shows Peter her family, which includes all her siblings. She then goes with her father to his lab. Kate also shows Peter the Van de Graff generator, which they have fun with, and the antigravity machine. Molly the dog causes a chain reaction, which causes

Physical Description: Edit

Kate has red hair and fair skin. She is a bit taller than Peter, as said in the first book.