Gideon Seymour is the younger brother of Nathaniel Seymour, sometimes called The Tar Man. He was one of many children, born in a tiny village in England. His father was a carpenter who died young. After his death, Nathaniel was disgraced causing Gideon's mother to move to another town. There she met a man named Seymour, with whom she had several children. They all died shortly after, leaving Gideon and his half brother Oshua to the care of an abusive squire. They lived their for some time, but one night Gideon got drunk, causing a small disruption. The squire beat him brutally, causing Gideon to run away determined to find a better life for his brother and himself. This did not go too well, and near starving he attempted to steal a pie. He was caught and chased, saved only by Lord Luxon's intervention. Indebted to Lord Luzon, Gideon spent a long while working as a Cut purse for Lord Luxon, who, in return, provides his brother with an education. After a while, however, his conscience induces him to run away. Because he knows too much of Lord Luzon, however, the Tar Man is sent to hint him down. In the midst of this, he witnesses Peter and Kate falling from the sky. He befriends them and guides them through many adventures, eventually raising Peter. In one universe, he is known to be living at a great age in Hawthorn cottage.